From Full Time and $270,000 in Revenue to Completely Removed and $2,800,000 in Revenue, in Only 3 years

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Name: Paul Gough

Business Type:
Physiotherapy & Information Marketing

Revenue Increase:
From $270,000 to $2,800,000 in 3 years (media company)

Owner Time In Business:
From full time “in” the physio business in 2013 (100 patients per week) to entirely removed from operations within 2 years

  • What you must seek out to free yourself from working “in” your business
  • How a suspected heart attack transformed his business forever
  • How direct marketing allowed him to almost treble his fees
  • Why going for speed doesn’t always attract the best quality clients, and what to do about it
  • The reason ‘bit part players’ ruin your company’s growth
  • How Paul went from being just like everyone else to one of the pre-eminent marketers in his industry
  • Why 4 days notice was all Paul needed to take his business to the USA and expand his horizons exponentially
  • When “doing less” ultimately produced a stronger, more profitable business not dependent on him
  • Why “being unique” is killing you and keeping you stuck